Saturday, 25 October 2008

Corrupt Corrupt Corrupt

Mandelson has twice been ejected from ministerial office for corruption - will this be the third time? His creepy intrusions into the private world of Russian oligarchs around which high-class whores buzz like a thick cloud of flies and cocaine fuels the laughter would be the risible sycophancy of an inadequate invert were it not for the position he held.

Rothschild's anger at pipsqueak Osborne was nothing to do with some imagined Bullingdon code as the MSM have conjectured. Rothchild's hedge fund, like hedge funds everywhere, is in imminent danger of collapse in the latest round of financial failures, and he was urgently soliciting big money from Deripaska in the guise of investment in a Croatian resort. Two effete British politicians hovering around with the international whores must have been no more than a minor irritation until one of them started blabbing. Osborne's real offence was screwing up a potential business deal by exposing it to public gaze.

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