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Monday, 6 October 2008

The face of the Nanny State

I'm sorry. I really am. But seeing this picture of Catherine Ashton this morning the phrase 'face like a bag of spanners' just leapt into my mind and cannot be dislodged. This is not a portrait of the UK's new Trade Commissioner, it is a picture of the Nanny State itself; Ashton spent much of her career promoting bastardy, and the rest of it helping teenage girls give birth. But if ever there was one image guaranteed to de-tumesce a hormonal teenager it is this one; giant posters featuring it should immediately erected throughout the nation, and subliminal stills should be inserted in every rap video. The truth is, she's wasted on Brussels; we need her here.


Lilith said...

I am afraid I too gasped when I saw this pic.

Newmania said...

I cannot say I have had worse which is a most unusual state of affairs

Anonymous said...

Don't you think middle-aged public sector women ALL look the same. When I have the misfortune to eat in a restaurant within shuffling distance of government offices it is always full of Ashton clones. All quaffing wine and smuggly congratulating each other on their intelligence.


Bill Quango MP said...

What is that in her hand.. with the red star? Is it a Starbuck's coffee or a Chinese passport?

And why the big folder? Don't tell me she's lost the laptop already.

Rob Farrington said...


I have to stop typing now, because I've just bitten off half of my fingers.

Anonymous said...

To quote a much-used phrase:

"Politics is show business for ugly people."

Imagine waking up every morning and finding that face on the pillow next to you? Aaaaaaaargh!