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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

A good week to bury government cockups

First there was the end of 42 days. Then the end of Smith's proposals for secret courts. 'Jerky' Balls then tried to slip the abolition of SATS past the Commons with a smokescreen of prolix Statespeak. Then the Olympics farce got an extra £95m but we can't mention this because it's Boris' baby. And that fraudulent old manpussy Mandelson got to play dressing-up with his venal chums.

Any other week and the rage of the nation would have been apparent, but Brown's halo effect is casting its baleful protection over his corrupt and bankrupt administration.

I repeat. The LSE bounceback and the reduction of the libor by a fiftieth of one percent - yes, by 0.02% - is a breathing space, not a reprieve. We relax at our peril. There's still far too much debt to be deflated in the system for lending to get back to 2007 levels and all the other underlying weaknesses in our national infrastructure are still there.

Argentina could walk into Stanley tomorrow and there's not a damn thing we could do about it because Brown has pissed away £80bn a year on non-pension Welfare payments and only invested £20bn a year in our armed forces. We can't even send a minesweeper to deal with a bunch of ragged-arsed Somali pirates any more, even if the Navy was allowed to act by a government terrified of infringing the pirates' 'human rights'. Our food and goods now have to make the journey around the coast of Africa instead of cutting through Suez.

The government's record is one of abject failure in every single area of public policy. It's Cameron's job to point this out. I wish he'd do it.


Blue Eyes said...

It's brazen. Any one of those back-tracks would be hugely embarrassing on its own. So what do they do? They think ooh let's push it out while eyes are elsewhere.

Nick von Mises said...

The trots are so deluded thinking Brown's hijacking of his own crisis is going to prevent electoral annihilation. Imagine how bad the economy will be by the time the credit crunch has fed through to the real economy and no amount of tractor factory stats can describe it.

There's plenty of clowns doing the "Recession? What recession? Oxford Street is still busy" routine. That illusion has precious little half-life.

Bill Quango MP said...

Posted earlier about this lucky Labour break.
Some other things that need to be replaced in this window of opportunity as they have been colossal failures, wasteful,impractical, squandering of resources and time consuming and sometimes counter productive, unnecessary or all of these things.

Wonder how long the list would be if we really thought about it?

Tax credits
Poly clinics
Eco towns
New Deal
Mosquito nets for Africa
Pension fund raiding
Mervin King
Disability benefits for anyone
The Olympics
Identity cards
The Lisbon Treaty
Pension books
The fake consultation process
Regional Authorities
British-ness day
3 billion new homes by 2020
Gardens as Brownfield land
Large parts of the disability act
Devolved Parliaments
Criminal Justice System
NHS direct
Student Loans
Speed Cameras
Border guards
NHS computer system
Policing targets
Fortnightly bin collections
Strategic rail authority
Stakeholder pensions
Large sections of Employment Law
100% Smoking ban
Special constables
Unlimited Immigration
Retrospective vehicle excise duty
Aircraft Carriers
Closing Police stations
Changes to the Licensing law
Loft Insulation instead of fuel payments help
Home information packs
Stamp duty Thresholds
Servicemen's accomodation
Large amounts of H+S law
No proper APC's for the soldiers
Telling public bodies to make risky investments
Decriminalising Cannabis
Compensation legislation
Community Service