Sunday, 19 October 2008

Harman's contempt for Parliament

The government finds Parliamentary scrutiny of its incompetence an unwelcome intrusion. Select committees asking probing questions, the barbs of backbench humour, ministers being forced to stammer and bluff their way though the odious crap they're selling. So what better way to limit the damage than by sending them all off on long hols?

Harman's announcement of a 24 day Christmas break for MPs stinks. At a time when many British children and families will be enduring their worst ever Christmas, Labour's tame lobby fodder are sent off to thrust their snouts deep in the seasonal trough.

There's not enough hempen rope in the realm ....


Anonymous said...

Why on earth would it worry you, even if they took 360 days off? In case you didn't notice the political ruling elite moved to Brussels some time ago. Only the stamping office survives in Westmonster.

Anonymous said...

"There's not enough hempen rope in the realm ...."

But there are plenty of lamposts - even if fewer and fewer of them are actually lit.