Sunday, 26 October 2008

Osborne: At the mercy of the picture editors

The NOTW's picture editors have been particularly cruel to George Osborne in today's edition. Firstly posed with a 'vice queen' who seems to have been more of a low-rent hooker than an upscale madam, Osborne relaxes with fag in hand. Whether or not there was cocaine on the table as referred to in the text is hard to see, but we're encouraged to believe there might be.

Secondly is a full face portrait of Osborne looking like a sulky rent-boy; indeed, bearing a striking resemblance to Norman Scott (he of the arse antics) for those of us with long memories. Not good.

And finally a badly photoshopped group photo of Bullingdon Club members, that looks as though it's been made from three separate group images, with Osborne preening like a dyspeptic duck.

You don't have to read the words. The images do as effective a demolition job as possible. I wonder how much longer Cameron can stand by his chum given the damage Osborne is doing to his party right now.


Nick Drew said...

if the glass of brandy & the revolver in the library doesn't do the trick, a big test of Cameron's character coming up

& rather overdue, truth to tell

hopefully the sound of Mandy being prised from his new desk will drown the sound

Scrobs said...

Absolutely Nick!

Mandy's shenanigans are a perfect smokescreen for McBruin's mis-handling and downright mendacity here.

Osborne is toast anyway - useless against anyone with a third in economics. He should have been up there challenging everything with hard facts! Bugger me, there's enough evidence of Nulab profligance to be found anywhere, just read the papers (if you buy them that is...)!

Why Cameron keeps him on is a mystery.

DBC Reed said...

Osborne has hardly been stitched up by the NOTW's picture editors as you appear to suggest.Natalie Rowe is probably referring to an earlier story from 2005 in which a photo was published shewing the boy himself behind a table bearing "substances" , which led to Denis Skinner accusing Osborne in the Commons of snorting cocaine for which suggestion Skinner served a one-day ban.Like most upper class twits, Osborne was so up himself that he did not appreciate that he'd have to watch it in future.