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Friday, 17 October 2008

Osborne sounds like a sixth-former

George Osborne has overtaken Brown in the Macavity stakes; after hiding for the past week he's just popped up in the death-slot on R4's today programme, between Thought For The Day and the weather forecast. And he sounds dreadfully pubescent. There's no conviction in his voice whatsoever; he sounds as though he can't wait to get it over with so he can swap iPod tunes with his mates. And he's just been savaged by Sarah Montague, his voice rising a whole octave and reduced to confused stuttering as she probed him gently. What a pathetic excuse of a shadow Chancellor.

Let's hope Call-me-Dave's much flagged savaging of Brown later today is more effective.


Nick Drew said...

I am dreadfully afraid you are right, the Boy Osborne has failed all the relevant tests at key moments and his credits from the 2007 Party Conference are fully exhausted

the worthy Hammond is, frankly, a bit of a joke and only Hague will cut it

this is a test of character for Cameron, too, as Osborne is his best buddy: but the stakes are too high for sentimentality

let Henry V be his model

Michael St George said...

"Let's hope Call-me-Dave's much flagged savaging of Brown later today is more effective"

It wasn't.

John Redwood would have demolished the appalling Montague and highlighted her ignorance and stupidity as well. Boy George just prat-wittered around like the lower sixth geek who's found himself in the reception foyer of a whorehouse and hasn't a clue what do do next.

God help us

Scrobs said...

Spot on!

Where were the party of business while Brown was covering his tracks?

Osborne had no coherent answers and was stopped in his tracks - he had nothing to say and that also goes for the leadership.

They really must do much better than this.