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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Taste, decency and integrity

From the BBC's 'Brand Manual':
The BBC brand (or logo) is our badge of honour. It says to our audience that they can trust our content and can rest easy in the knowledge that anything that carries our logo will uphold the BBC core values of taste, decency and integrity.
Transcript of Ross / Brand:
Andrew Sachs's answerphone: "Sorry I can't answer at the moment, but please call again or leave a message. Speak after the tone, thank you."

RB: "Hello Andrew Sachs this is Russell Brand. I am a great appreciator of your work over the decades. You're meant to be on my show now mate, I don't know why you're not answering the phone, it's a bit difficult – I'm here with Jonathan Ross."

JR: "Hello Andrew..."

RB: "That's Jonathan Ross speaking now. Anyway, we understand.. anyway.. we can still do the interview to his answerphone..."
(The two presenters exchange banter)

JR: "He fucked your granddaughter!" (laughter)... I'm sorry I apologise. Andrew I apologise... I got excited, what can I say. it just came out."

RB: "Andrew Sachs, I did not do nothing with Georgina – oh no I've revealed I know her name! Oh no it's a disaster. Abort, abort. Please watch that show. I am out of The Bill, starring Andrew Sachs, I'm out of The Bill... Put the phone down, put the phone down, code red code red. I'm sorry Mr Fawlty I'm sorry, they're a waste of space..."

JR: "... How could I carry that round in my head like a big brain blister all day? I had to pop it and let the pressure out... Like it's really bothered us though, he's the poor man sitting at home sobbing over his answer machine... If he's like most people of a certain age he's probably got a picture of his grandchildren when they're young right by the phone. So while he's listening to the messages he's looking at a picture of her about nine on a swing."

RB: "She was on a swing when I met her. Oh no!"

JR: "And probably enjoyed her."

Jonathan Ross' salary: £18m a year.

Some taste. Some decency. Some integrity.


Anonymous said...

RB: "She was on a swing when I met her. Oh no!"

JR: "And probably enjoyed her."

Words fail me.
John Gibson

patently said...

We can all have differing views as to taste, decency and integrity. Personally, I think Ross & Brand displayed a singular lack of all three, but others may disagree with me.

To my mind, the real criticism is that the joke is plain crap. Schoolboys in the playground come up with better jokes than that, andd they cost a lot less.