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Saturday, 18 October 2008

Time for Cameron to raise his game

Parris has it half-right in the Times this morning when he comments:

This autumn the Labour Party has embarked upon a strategic blunder. The strategy is driven by Gordon Brown's personal instinct: an impulse, an idea, so devilishly clever that even Peter Mandelson must be impressed by the cunning. Reader, get a load of this...

Labour has decided to unmask the Conservative Party... as a conservative party; to expose the Tories as secret Tories.
But he forgets the distaff side of Labour's message strategy; whilst one minister condemns the nastiness of the Tories, another claims the Tories' policies as their own. Today it is Woolas' turn to play the back end of this pantomime horse, as he states on record for the Times that:
"If people are being made unemployed, the question of immigration becomes extremely thorny . . . It’s been too easy to get into this country in the past and it’s going to get harder"

" .. if you've got skills shortages you should, as a government, attempt to fill those skills shortages with your indigenous population."

"the perception that immigrants jump the housing queue is very strong, even though the reality is very different. We must cut back on the few cases of abuse so people see that the system is fair"

"If you're here legally you should have access to the NHS. If you are here illegally, or - what's the word we use? - clandestinely, you shouldn't. It's a national health service - it's not an international health service."

"An amnesty... starts with a discussion among politicians and ends with dead bodies in the back of a truck in Calais."

"We have allowed people in here and not helped them to help themselves. Translation [of official documents into other languages] ghettoises people"

"People wear veils for different reasons: some out of religious conviction. some because they're forced to. It should be up to them, but at school you shouldn't wear one. It's harder to get a good education if you wear a veil as you're more cut off."

"Anyone who knows my community knows there are higher proportions of physical disability amongst the children of first-cousin marriages"
Well, crikey. The readership of the Daily Mail must be lying on their backs and purring with delight.

But Cameron must realise that two can play that game. A little bit of planning yesterday could have had Iain Duncan-Smith in the Mirror underlining the social compassion of the Conservatives, the party's commitment to the NHS, its determination to create an education system that allowed every child a decent school and so on, while Dave excoriated Labour's economic and policy incompetence.

C'mon guys. You need to raise your game.

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Bill Quango MP said...

He needs to point to the superb U-turns of this week and bash Brown with the charge that We have been telling you you were wrong on this all along. Now you agree with us.

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