Monday, 6 October 2008


OK, this is the FTSE right now - could we be live blogging the Crash this week?

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Sabretache said...

I'm not into predictions - not the kind that are nailed to a specific time-frame anyway; But, since futures trading is my daily bread, of necessity I do follow these things rather closely. Here is one of the most perceptive observations I have come across in this mornings voluminous pre-market preparatory readings: From Reggie Middleton -

"I've noticed a few queries as to my opinion of whether financial stocks will get better or if the worst is behind us. I actually thought I made my viewpoint clear. Obviously not, so let me be a bit more blunt. Things are going to get very ugly, starting this week - and from there it will get even uglier - and after that the bad part will start."

For one of the best summaries of the Paulson sponsored US bailout plan passed Friday, in particular why it was structured as it was with absolutely no consideration or debate about alternatives Have a look at this and prepare for a world that looks very different from that to which, in our hubristic arrogance and ignorance, we have become accustomed