Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Alleged BNP membership list released online

Yes, I've seen it and no, I'm not going to post a link. It took about 5 minutes of googling.

I suppose there will be much giggling and 'serves them right' type sentiments about. I suppose some folk will be lighting the burning brands and donning the ski masks. I suppose HR agencies are wondering how they can use the information without breaching data protection legislation.

There will be people on the list who will now lose their jobs and livelihoods. No one knows whether it's a real list or not. Even if one false name and personal details have been inserted as some sort of cunning revenge it's none of anyone else's business.

I'm on record on this blog for my loathing of the BNP and its policies. However, they're a legal political party, and individuals should have every right to join them and every right to have their identities kept confidential.

With talk of an early election, I can't help but feel this may be the start of a dirty tricks campaign. And no, I'm not wholly convinced that Brown's State couldn't have been involved.


Willy Wombat said...

More questions than answers in the list, for example, I note that Mr Darren Charles had his membership suspended for a week because of an 'inappropriate tattoo'. The mind boggles!!!

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I have to say I was appalled that this was released. Whomever released it should be apprehended and prosecuted for violating various laws.

I too loath the BNP being that they are neo-Nazis but this is wrong.

It stinks of dirty tricks and we know how worried Labour is of the BNP.

Blue Eyes said...

I can't stand the BNP. But I would also defend to the hilt the right to join such a nasty party. Some people on the list are going to run into a lot of trouble after this. Data protection is data protection.

transfattyacid said...


Not sure about the Gordon Brown thing, but no doubt things like this will be used to push through the version of Prodi Levi GB outlined last year.

Nick Drew said...

dirty tricks

this has to be a prime candidate: as Newmania has been saying for years, the BNP is the most potent spoiling- factor against NuLab's retention of several seats

and creative, lateral thinkers like you-know-who are quite capable of this

Anonymous said...

That inappropriate tattoo was probably 'LOVE' on the knuckles of his punching hand.

Anonymous said...

The start of a dirty tricks campaign?

Haven't you been reading the papers recently?

Just a few examples:

- Jack Straw on how we should lock more people up
- People now allowed to buy their own medicines to top up NHS provision
- U-turn on Post Office contract thereby avoiding masses more closures
- Promised tax cuts "before Christmas"
- Sudden strong action by RN against pirates (cf. human rights faffing about last year)
- leaning on utility companies to reduce bills

And many more.

Oh no, mate, it's not the start of a dirty tricks campaign, it's been going on for about a month now.

Anonymous said...

hope someone obliges them