Saturday, 1 November 2008

BBC reprised

The papers have come to their own conclusion on the BBC this morning; I stated mine in July and at the risk of boring anyone with a long memory, I wrote;
In an age of personalised choice and pay-on-demand, the BBC's monopoly is very difficult to defend. Many of us resent deeply not only the millions paid to those whose 'talents' we regard as mediocre at best, but the outrageous salaries that the BBC bureaucrats have decided to pay themselves. The BBC has become just another public trough, and Mark Thompson (salary £816,000 in 2007/2008) is amongst those whose snouts are thrust deep in the swill.

Many accuse the BBC of political bias to the right or the left. This is not the case. It's biased towards big centralist corporatist government and against personal human responsibility. It's long been part of the problem in creating an expectation that it's the government's job to 'do something' about every minor ill that ails the nation. This is pernicious.

No, though I loved the BBC of Reithian principle and listen to little else but Radio 4, it's no longer a national institution of any great value. The Monarchy costs us £40 million a year, the BBC costs £4,300 million a year, £3,100 million of which is collected from licence payers. It's past its sell by date and should go.
I haven't changed my mind.


Anonymous said...

Radio 3 is also very good though radio 4 is truly and horribly biased with the usual trough presenters.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I am against censorship but I dont think I should pay for it...

Bill Quango MP said...

I have tried hard to defend the BBC with economic and content arguments. but it is very very hard to do.

All the radio stations would be viable in the private sector.
BBC 1 + 2 would fit right into a SKY or sponsored package. They could even merge with the likes of HBO. Or do an ITV like carve up.
If we can't find £60 million for libraries and £150 million for post offices and £250 million for nursery care for under 5's then why are we paying for this?