Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bush and Brown both headed for history's dustbin

The choice by the people of the US for hope, change and a President who will make a difference marks the end of Bush and Brown and their discredited and bankrupt administrations. Their harmful and dangerous military adventurism, their economic illiteracy, their placing of their own partisan interests above those of the nation have all had their time. The US electors have pissed on Bush, and UK electors will piss on Brown as soon as they are given the chance.

Brown will still go into history's dustbin as Britain's worst PM ever. Not Mandelson nor Campbell or any of the old team will change that; he is useless, unfitted for high office, lacking the intellect, the nous and the wit to head an effective government. And he will soon be history.

So let us envy for the moment the Cousins and await with eager anticipation our own chance to throw out the rubbish.


William Gruff said...

Having pissed on Brown we shall have, in due course to piss on whomever succeeds him. The US electorate had no real choice; they had to elect one mediocrity or another, and we are in the same predicament.

Anonymous said...

Well I hope you're right.

We will know tomorrow when the Glenrothes result comes in.

Remember my prediction - if he wins, he's going for a snap general election - which he will win.

I don't know how he'll win it, but he will. Never underestimate the gullibity of the electorate or the manipulative skills of Mandelson and Campbell.