Friday, 7 November 2008

Dear Barack, please note ....

Email to US Democratic Party Campaign Headquarters today:

Dear Mr President-elect

There will be a chap called Gordon Brown who is desperate to be pictured with you as soon as possible after your inauguration. He is a British politician. In fact, he's our Prime Minister - though we didn't elect him as such. Ours is a bit of an odd arrangement. Anyhow, I just thought you should know that he was always strongly in favour of the Iraq War, which I know you've always opposed; we have a site over here called 'They Work For You' that analyses our MPs voting records. He tried to avoid saying much about it, but walked through the Blair / Bush 'kill'em all' lobby every time.

Of course, he'll pretend now that he was always against it and that he agrees with you. But he's a dreadful old liar, and we don't believe much of what he says over here. He blames the UK's entire financial difficulties on the US - which no doubt he'll also deny to your secretary when he tries to blag a meeting. But no doubt your advisors will point out his recent speeches.

Anyway, we don't think we'll have to have him for much longer, so there's no real need to give him a diary slot. He's an awful old fraud and doesn't know much about anything, least of all global economics, which must be high on your agenda right now. He claims to have abolished boom and bust in the UK, so you'll realise he's something of a fantasist.

Anyhow, best of luck for January

Warm Regards



Bill Quango MP said...

Very funny. You make him sound like that old bloke who used to be in the Fast Show..

President of the United states of America are you?..hardest game in the world that is..yeah.. i used to be Prime minister.. yeah.. ended boom and bust..yeah.. remember old jackie straw..him an' me lifted children out of poverty..Ended poverty for kids..hard old game that was..then I solved the problems of Africa and er.. yeah er .. got the award for best placed country to see off a recession.. yeah .. anyway lucky.

lilith said...

I hope you actually posted that. Brilliant.