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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Defence of the Realm

Richard North over at Defence of the Realm has done more than anyone in the UK to highlight the MOD's ineptitude in procuring the right armoured vehicles for our forces. An authoritative and informed voice, his is the blog that the shiny-arsed cretins at the MOD most fear.

The resignation of Maj. Morley, o/c D squadron 23 SAS, over the continued use of the 'snatch' landy prompts North to call for civil service heads to roll over the many deaths.

Bill Jeffrey has been Permanent Under Secretary at the MOD since November 2005, and must take the can for his departments utter failure to respond adequately to the danger from the insurgents' IED campaign from that time. The sums involved in putting the wrongs right are relatively modest; the MOD has over 100,000 civil servants - one civil servant for each regular soldier - and proper armoured vehicles could be paid for by freezing civilian recruitment for two years. Budgetary excuses won't wash. It's incompetence and a total failure of leadership, and for these reasons Jeffrey must go.

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