Sunday, 30 November 2008

Nick Robinson, do they mean you?

From Nick Robinson's blog on the 28th:

Tory outrage at the arrest of Damian Green mirrors the anger that many in Labour felt when Tony Blair's aide Ruth Turner was arrested in the cash for honours investigation. Although their cases are very different there are important similarities. Green, like Turner, was arrested under suspicion of conspiracy. In other words, he has not been arrested simply for receiving leaked government documents, but under suspicion of conspiring to have them leaked.
From this morning's Sunday Times leader:
Some in Labour circles have sought to compare the two episodes, claiming a moral equivalence between Mr Green’s arrest and that of Ruth Turner, a Downing Street aide, and Lord Levy, the former party fundraiser. There is no such equivalence. Cash for honours was about allegations of political corruption at the highest level and debasing the honours system. Mr Green’s “crime” was in helping expose matters that belonged in the public domain. Even if he encouraged an official to leak information, he was merely following a tradition that journalists and opposition politicians have adopted for generations.
Surely they can't mean Nick?

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Nick Drew said...

good catch, R: one often senses this stuff going on, but can't always document it so well

Robinson was recently guilty of another of these: after the 'Baby P' spat he blogged:

some who were watching in the Commons gallery thought the Tory leader's visible loss of temper showed him in a very poor light

for 'some', read P.Mandelson, as it later transpired

on the same incident it was interesting how the following day both the Graun and the Beeb carefully pointed out how, by international standards (so they said) the UK's statistics on child murders are quite good

life's too short to be collecting all these things - but someone should !