Monday, 17 November 2008

Not racism, just risk assessment

You're putting on a late-night event at a South London venue featuring rap, garage and other 'urban' music that will be attended by huge numbers of black people. Do you:

(a) Assume there will be no trouble, and not bother much about security, or
(b) Mount scanners and staff with wands at the entrances and search the audience for knives and guns?

The O2 is also hosting Leonard Cohen. His audience are highly unlikely to be carrying any weapons beyond a rolled-up copy of the Guardian's supplement on Nicaraguan healthcare, so don't need to be searched. It's called risk assessment. Not racism.


Anonymous said...

Aaaah, but it doesn't work like that. To do it to one then it must be done to EVERYONE. Same with 'stop and search' and airport security, what do we hear? Racial Profiling is BAD! Bollocks isn't it?

Blue Eyes said...

I went to a hip-hop thing at the O2 a while back (don't ask why, please) and there was a knife arch at the Dome entrance. Those who the security staff thought were going to the hip-hop thing where asked to queue up. As I did not appear to be in the "demographic" I was not searched.

Was that a risk assessment or racism?? Sensible or outrageous?

Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes - sensible is the answer.

Whereas taking away my 80-year-old mother's expensive cosmetics at airport check-in (which actually happened) is just showing who's in charge.

Shower of assholes aren't they?