Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Our next government - it could be you!

This blog has devoted many thousand words to excoriating Labour's dismal record on just about everything they've buggered with their clumsy touch. Our international relations, our economy, our society, our people, our children, our security, our democracy and our well being have all been diminished by Labour's zealous stupidity. But there is one thing they cannot foul - our future. Every single inanity and ineptitude of the past eleven years is reversible, even the EU Constitution.

Our future government will throw out a coruscating rainbow of hope and freedom as the drear iron shackles of the Labour State are struck from our wrists and ankles and this country can once again breathe freely in the clear upland air. Bill will follow Bill, tumbling through the legislative stages, rolling back Labour's intrusive State, returning authority to families and intermediate institutions, returning power and accountability to local government, giving communities control of their policing, offering a life and a future to Labour's five million Welfare slaves.

Our future government will heed the hunger for political reform and recognise that central parties allied to a central State have corroded our democracy to the point of failure; around the nation a thousand gardens will bloom as local associations are rejuvenated and invigorated, as career politicians and blow-in apparatchiks are sent packing, and as ordinary people who make a good job of running their own lives take control of formulating policy and pushing it upwards. Instead of fifty party experts in central office, five thousand policy experts in our shires and villages and in our towns and suburbs will try and test, formulate and pilot, policies and processes that can be adopted across the nation.

Our future government will recognise that the core functions of government, maintaining the defence of the nation and a framework of law, are amongst the very few functions that can only be exercised collectively at national level, and that nearly every other collective function must be devolved to the lowest tier that can effectively exercise it. They will recognise that this is not only the most effective and economically efficient, but also the most democratically healthy way of carrying out collective functions.

Our future government will not allow the unrealised potential of our people to be wasted locked into Welfare slavery, deprived of the dignity of work, alienated from the security of belonging. Ours is one nation, and membership is open to all our citizens - rich and poor, black and white, hindu, moslem or athiest; one nation with shared values and with cultural congruence, a rich and nutritious dish in which pinches of subtle spices from around the world are blended with traditional British beef to create a superlative feast.

We have the chance to reform a Britain we don't want and don't like, a Britain that Labour have fouled and damaged with their well-meaning stupidity. We have the chance to trust ourselves, to reverse Labour's utter distrust of anything but the central State to do good. We have the chance to take up the benison of responsibility, and grow in personal stature as we learn that we, and not the State, can do it all.

Before long, we'll have the chance to make these changes at the ballot box. The nation is hungry for reform, ravenous for change. We want our lives back. We want our security back. We want the State out of our bedrooms, our kitchens and our living rooms. We want all that power returned that Labour has stolen like a sneak-thief from us all. We want our nation back.


Al said...

That's a fantastic, awe-inspiring post.

Moving and motivating. Many thanks for brightening my morning!

Just a shame we'll never see a Tory politician giving it.

Blue Eyes said...

yes! yes! yes!

Anonymous said...

You've caught the Obama bug. But, yes, you espouse the vision that I and all right-thinking motherfuckers endorse.

Alfred said...

Great idea but

Before long, we'll have the chance to make these changes at the ballot box.

How come? What is this party of which you speak? I don't see it anywhere in the UK.

Bill Quango MP said...

well said

Anonymous said...

stirring stuff, well done.

Anonymous said...

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