Wednesday, 5 November 2008

This dishonourable Oaf must go

Quentin Davies' behaviour over the deaths of our armed forces in Afghanistan is truly repugnant. MPs should know that when an officer is sufficiently impassioned to resign their commission and make a public statement, it is because they cannot be heard any other way. Davies should cup a soft damp podgy hand to his greasy ear and listen instead of spouting off.

Davies owes Major Morley and the nation an abject and grovelling apology not only for being such a lying, spineless, toadyish little turd but for being too stupid even to comprehend what is happening to our armed forces. And then he should be sacked.

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Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, Maj. Morley would have called Fat Quentin out and shot him in the face at close range.

I know that things are much better today than they were in the c18th, what with the medical advances, the intarwebz, the full frontal nudity and all that good shit, but sometimes you just yearn for the simple purity of that earlier age when you could gun someone down with extreme prejudice if they acted like a giant asshat.