Saturday, 22 November 2008

This rubbish stinks

It was only a few years ago that steel was so cheap there was no market for old cars to be bought as scrap. Owners of old bangers were faced with having to pay scrapyards to take them, or for the feckless the choice of torching them on odd pieces of urban land. There's a cul de sac on the way to my local station that every week used to greet Monday morning commuters with a burned out

During the boom, councils driven by EU stupidity have set up vast recycling schemes across the country; millions of additional wheelie bins have been bought and distributed, expensive waste recycling plants and yards constructed and a national infrastructure developed. Now, of course, the entire market has collapsed. Prices for paper, metal and plastics have hit rock bottom. Glass cullet for some reason remains viable, but I fear not for much longer. And no one's admitting it yet, but the truth is for the next couple of years at least all those cans, papers and plastics that you so painfully segregate on pain of a fine from the Bin Police will have to go to landfill or be 'stored' in huge windrows on redundant airfields. And I'll bet it won't be long before the burned out cars reappear around the place.

Now of course there's no shortage of landfill in the UK; our mineral extraction activity puts the system into equilibrium. And in theory it should be cheap to dump all this recycled rubbish along with our food waste and soiled nappies in holes in the ground. We can even cap the dumps off with a metre of clay, push pipes through and collect the free methane. But the EU forbids us from doing so; the Landfill Tax will rise next year to £48 / tonne. So your council will shortly be raising your council tax to pay for an artificial tax for dumping recycled waste into free holes we already have. I've blogged on this inanity before - see 'No shortgage of landfill in the UK'.

Oh, and you're already paying for thousands of extra dustcarts, thousands of additional staff and all the expensive infrastructure which will now stand idle. And this lunatic government are shortly to force all home in Britain to hand over their food scraps and rotting veg to the council at even greater cost in new 'caddies', staff and vehicles.

How we ever acceded to this insanity is utterly beyond me.


DBC Reed said...

There is ,of course, the Boris/Malthouse scheme for an artificial island airport in the Thames. In fact this scheme was suggested years ago by
Marinair (on Net).Even if they don't build the airport (and why on earth not?),they might as well construct the island out of landfill that goes that way by boat.You could attach a bridge with turbines or a Thames barrier underneath to the two coast-facing sides ; have a container port the seaward side.The possibilities are endless.

Bill Quango MP said...

But doesn't ao the recycling go to save poor old mother nature. I was told that if i ever get another free plastic bag I will condemn my children to earth scorching heat death.
Apparently though, if you buy each bag for 10p that no longer happens.