Monday, 29 December 2008

The feculence of Labour

As the senior bishops of the Church of England excoriate Labour as morally corrupt (an honour previously reserved for Mrs Thatcher), and A.N. Wilson analyses the moral vacuum at New Labour's heart in the Mail, we learn that fatal stabbings are at their highest ever level. These things are not unrelated.

Labour are the scribes and Pharisees of Matthew 23; whited sepulchres without, corruption and dead men's bones within. Somewhere at the heart of labour's self-rationalisation lies the belief that they're the champions of the poor, radical correctors of social inequality, and that redistributionist policies are the way to secure a better society. Well, the last eleven years have shown without doubt that redistributionist policies don't work. Their schools have failed to achieve even a basic level of education for millions of children, their tax and welfare policies have engineered a nation much more sharply divided than it was in 1997, their redistributionism has locked five million people into welfare slavery. Some champions of the poor. Some radicals.

The problem is that political power has become more important to them than anything else. They realise that their policy instruments don't work and that the nation can't afford them, yet like the addicted gambler who has already lost the house, the car and the family they are throwing the country's watch and wedding ring into the pot on one last desperate throw. They simply don't have the courage to stand up and walk away from the table because to do so would be to lose power.

And all of those whom Labour have pledged to help know this too. Labour is, at heart, indifferent to them. Labour's State is not a loving parent but an loveless Zombie, a Leviathan. The poor are no more than tractor figures to Labour. Even the hapless underclass realise that a parent who says "You can do what you like; we don't care" is not a benign liberal but a bad parent. Even a child wants a structure and rules they can understand. And if Labour's State regards their lives with indifference, so do they. I fear the number of fatal stabbings will continue to increase as the exponential rise of boys growing up without their biological fathers works its way through.


Nick Drew said...

and (as just a sidelight) how typical, how revealing, that NuLab attempted to get its retaliation in first by claiming its knifecrime initiatives were working

all power to Dunnell & Scholar !

Bob's Head Revisited said...

That does pretty much sum up the situation.

A squalid bunch of morally bankrupt spivs desperately holding on to the only thing they were ever in it for – power.

Look at our schools, our hospitals, our armed forces, our economy, our democracy, our pride, our spirit, our basic civil liberties: fucked.