Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Fire deserts Dave's loins?

There have been a few times when Cameron has been roused to real passion, but only a few. Generally he rubs along as a reasonably charismatic sensible bloke who wouldn't scare anyone much. His emotional level has always been pretty constant, at a sort of relaxed determined level. If his knobs go up to 11, he's generally operating at about 7. The fire in his loins is the civilised flicker of a late-evening living room fire, not the blaze of a Greek street.

However, this past week something has dampened even that reassuring glow. As Toynbee pointed out in yesterday's Grauniad, he delivered his 'jail bankers' speech with all the charisma of a dead fish. And his stumbling performance in defence of welfare mums was unconvincing. Hague's performance at PMQs today was equally flaccid.

What do they know that's knocked the fuel out of their fires? That the Tory message isn't resonating with the public? That Mandelson and Campbell have spun them into a corner? I can't pretend Cameron's warmth towards both the big central State and Europe are to my taste, but he's our best bet in getting Brown's corrupt cabal away from power and I wish he'd raise his game. Politicians at the top don't have the luxury of off-days. Can someone throw a shovel of best furnace coal on those flickering embers, please?


The Great Simpleton said...

Maybe they've looked at our economic prospects and the other bear traps Brown is leaving and concluded the chalice is definately poisened?

William Gruff said...

'Politicians at the top don't have the luxury of off-days.'

But they're not at the top, by a very long way.

Bob's Head Revisited said...

Very nicely put.

Alfred said...

I'm not sure that there is all that much separating the two main parties. Both prefer to pretend that the EU doesn't exist. Both seem to want to keep high taxation, big party systems, big government etc etc. Maybe it is time to break up this two party system by voting for someone else. The way my local Labour MPPs are acting, anyone would think that a general election had been called!

Perryexdh said...

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