Friday, 19 December 2008

Labour finally acknowledge the evidence

Well, it's taken several decades but it seems Labour have finally recognised what we've been telling them all along; that children brought up without their biological fathers have an overall negative impact on us all. As I've posted at length in the past, children growing up without their real dad:
  • Are more likely to experience problems with sexual health
  • Are more likely to become teenage parents
  • Are more likely to offend
  • Are more likely to smoke
  • Are more likely to drink alcohol
  • Are more likely to take drugs
  • Are more likely to play truant from school
  • Are more likely to be excluded from school
  • Are more likely to leave school at 16
  • Are more likely to have adjustment problems
  • Are less likely to attain qualifications
  • Are more likely to experience unemployment
  • Are more likely to have low incomes
  • Are more likely be on income support
  • Are more likely to experience homelessness
  • Are more likely to be caught offending and go to jail
  • Are more likely to suffer from long term emotional and psychological problems
  • Are more likely to develop health problems
  • Tend to enter partnerships earlier and more often as a cohabitation
  • Are more likely to divorce or dissolve their cohabiting unions
  • Are more likely to have children outside marriage or outside any partnership
Now the Mail reports that Balls and Byrne (and that sounds exactly like the music hall act it is) have produced an 'evidence paper' that finds
Seven out of ten young criminals come from single parent homes that make up only a quarter of all families, it says, adding that stepfamilies can also be difficult for children. .... Step-families, it found, produce outcomes for children 'similar to those growing up in lone parent families'. Their children 'show more psychological and behavioural problems than children in biological two-parent families'..... that children of single parents do worse at school, that two thirds of such families are poor, and a third of single mothers are depressed. 'An absent parent can be associated with adverse material and emotional outcomes,' the paper found.
Good. That's the first step. Now do something about it.


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Th Great Simpleton said...

But no doubt its all our fault. Not giving them enough money, being judgemental, not providing enough out reach coordinators, having something they don't have....

And the solution? Higher taxes no doubt.

John Page said...

A telling use of the word 'only'.

curly15 said...

Let's start by getting rid of this man.

Anonymous said...

Note that they said "An absent parent can be associated with adverse material and emotional outcomes,"

(Emphasis mine)

The default New Labour response, of course, will be to give them more money.