Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas all

For those of us with the joy of our families on this day, a turkey in the oven, the warm smells of cinnamon and citrus and the prospect of a decent glass of port or two in the security of our homes, Christmas Day will probably have been set in a pattern since our earliest years. Forty years or so ago broadcasters could announce that 'across the nation ...' we were celebrating the Nativity of Christ.

But for those without the dignity and belonging of work, for children in care homes sharing the proxy efforts of their keepers that is no substitute for a parent's love, for prisoners, for the feckless and addicted for whom today is a trial to be got over with and for those for whom the State has displaced family and community, today will be not a cause of joy and celebration but a reminder of all they have lost.

To all of you, and to all of them, my heartfelt best wishes and may our hopes for the future keep alive a spark of Christmas joy in all our breasts.

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