Sunday, 14 December 2008

Pakistan and Somalia - Brown too slow

Back on 14th November 2007 I wrote:
Let's be clear. The threat, on the basis of convictions obtained so far, is from Islamic terrorists, and in particular those from the Pakistani and Somali communities that Labour, in a naive zeal of multicultutalism, have allowed to develop separately from the rest of the population into festering ghettoes of overcrowding, poverty, ignorance, disease and hostility.

If the threat is real, and cogent, and compelling, then we must deal with the source of the threat, without any mealy-mouthed prevarication.
Why has it taken Gordon Brown over a year to realise the simple truth that was evident to anyone with two brain cells long ago? And how much damage to our security has been caused by his dithering, inaction and third-rate intellect?


Beadle said...


I suppose it is possible for him to do something about his "dithering inaction"

The 3rd rate intellect is a more difficult matter

Anonymous said...

When you said that a year ago, it was racist.

When Broon says it now, it's sign of far-sightedness, moral courage and plain-speaking honesty.