Monday, 29 December 2008

Semites and blood feuds

There is deeply ingrained in the Semitic peoples - Jew and Arab both - the idea of the blood feud; for as long as Semites have been stealing water from each other's wells, cutting down each other's Olive trees or poaching each other's goats the blood feud has ruled their behaviour; they bristle with righteous Abrahamic indignation snarling 'An eye for an eye!' at each other and reach for their weapons. The blood thus spilt requires revenge. The blood feud is self-perpetuating, and can last hundreds or thousands of years, so long as there remains a blood-debt to be paid. This is the nature of the beast.

I confess to little sympathy for either side in this current flare-up. Their feuding is as old as the hills that surround them, and will continue as long as any of them survives. It requires an endogenous enlightenment of the scale and impact of the European first and second enlightenments to break them out of this spiral of mutual destruction, and this seems to be a thousand years away.


Andrew Ian Dodge said...

I smell the stench of moral relativity here.

Anonymous said...

@ Andrew Ian Dodge

And I smell the stench of the kneejerk 'Israel First, Nobody Second' mentality.

Jews and Palestinians are genetically and linguistically almost identical. The only major difference between them is in which Sky-Daddy they worship.

If these stupid fuckers want to spend the next sixty years butchering each other because God, Allah, Jehovah, Mohammed, Moses or Uncle Tom Cobbleigh insists that they and they alone must inhabit this particular stretch of desert wasteland, let them have at it but please don't expect me to give a fuck and please don't dress their shitty little tribal war cum campaign of religious genocide up as though it's in any way connected to the civilised world.

On both sides, the fighting is orchestrated and controlled by and for the benefit of fundamentalist political parties who are determined to drag their nations back into the Bronze Age. Do not expect me to show any sympathy to these fruitcakes and their enablers - of which you, I have no doubt, are a prime example.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dodge, it is our bad luck that their shitty little tribal war IS connected to the civilised world, by virtue of the geography and geology of the region they happen to be scrapping in just now.

If we could just manage to move on to another form of relatively cheap energy and then invite them to drink their oil, we could ignore them with impunity.

Roll on the day!

(Your comments about fruitcakes and sky fairies are right on the money, btw)