Monday, 5 January 2009

...and if you didn't have enough to worry about can watch the live seismic recorders around Yellowstone Park in the US as they monitor the 'swarm' of earthquake activity that started over Christmas, on 27th December. HERE.

Doom mongers in the US are fearful the dormant volcano could blow, sending several square miles of dust into the atmosphere, endangering life on Earth etc.

I'll bet the train operator already has a pre recorded announcement ready

"South Eastern trains apologise for the cancellation of this service due to apocalyptic volcanic activity and regrets any delay or inconvenience this may cause to your journey ..."


lilith said...

It started in America.

Tendryakov said...

In general I agree re winter comfort foods, but I find that when I've got a cold a real hot curry with green chillies has distinct medicinal benefits.

Tendryakov said...

Silly me. Wrong post.

Rob Farrington said...

Hey, at least the volcanic emissions will cool the Earth and we won't have to put up with Al Gore's drivel any more. Thank heaven for small mercies.

Mind you - extreme leftists everywhere would probably still find a way to blame the eruption on Big Oil, George Bush, or on Gaia taking revenge on middle class people driving their gas-guzzling 4*4s.

Myself, I'll blame Gordon Brown. The man's capable of anything.