Sunday, 18 January 2009

BBC censors news of European riots?

You need to go to the New York Times to find news of the riots that have been spreading in Bulgaria and the Baltic states; you can look in vain for any mention of this on the BBC's Europe news webpage. For why?

As the prospects for civil disorder grow in Spain, Greece and Italy, with Turkey like a tinderbox over Israel's actions in Gaza, with Bulgaria, Romania and the Baltic states already out on the streets, I'd imagine the Balkan states will soon be there too. The French won't be left out, and the Belgians are that cheesed off with everything at the moment they'll take to the streets at the drop of a hat.

The Czech presidency of the EU looks like being one of the most critical in the institution's history.

For migrants and foreigners, the UK is about the safest place to be in Europe at the moment. Eastern Europe showed its capacity to degenerate suddenly into pogroms and massacres in Srebrenica just fourteen years ago. I wouldn't fancy being a Russian in the Baltic states or a Turk in Bulgaria today.

I think we all need to keep an eye on the US press to find out what's happening in Europe right now.

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JPT said...

Frigthening times we live in.
The BBC by the way are a disgrace.