Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Brown 3-line whip on hiding MP's expenses

What can Gordon Brown be so scared of coming to light in the publication of MP's expenses that he's imposed a 3-line whip on tomorrow's vote?

What frightens the fey old Feartie o'Fife so much that he's prepared to defy the orders of a High Court judge and hide the evidence?

And can anyone trust a single MP who doesn't solemnly undertake to publish their own expenses in full after this?


Nick Drew said...

one has to assume there are some marginal Labour MPs with fairly shocking and entrenched expense habits, for whom publication would be another nail in the coffin

de mortuis nil nisi etc, but didn't one of those recently-deceased Scottish MPs have some truly outrageous past expense claims to his name ?

The Great Simpleton said...

And they wonder why they, as a species, are held in contempt by such a large swathe of the population.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm... looks like cyclops has conveniently forgotten the 3 liner and performed an about turn.

Anonymous said...

Broon simply understands the reality of modern British political life: the electorate has to answer to the politicians but the politicians never answer to the electorate.