Thursday, 29 January 2009

Brown's authority evaporates in the Commons

Watching the recording of PMQs on BBC's Parliament channel last night I was struck by Brown's palpable diminution. As every one of Cameron's barbs struck home he tried desperately to rally, struggled with every rehearsed quip printed on his crib-notes. A couple of weeks ago he came up with quite a good riposte - the Tories are the 'do-nothing' party - but a week is a long time for political catch phrases. As Brown ensured he worked this into every reply, it sounded increasingly hollow. He was like the boy in the playground doing Jimmy Durante impressions when the rest of the school had moved on to Hancock.

Brown's uncertainty grew as he realised something was missing. No-one in the playground was laughing. His own benches should have raised a rousing cheer every time he thumped down his catch phrase, but all they managed were a few ragged grunts. His frustration grew visibly. The force had gone out of his punches. As he petulantly flung himself back down on his bench, it was clear that his authority was evaporating fast.

Cameron refrained from using this week's Tory quip - headless chicken - but you could hear it hanging in the air; the Labour benches were expecting it, Brown probably had at least three counter-quips carefully scripted for him in his folder, but it never came. Unspoken, it hung there. The glances from Brown's benches as their leader flailed about were telling. They said headless chicken.


Bill Quango MP said...

We all said it.
Everyone even remotely connected with having to create a strategy or perform a presentation said it.
"This is not the man for the face of the Party"
It was as misjudged a decision to {self} appoint someone so clearly lacking the qualities required of a leader.
A quick history would show that Ming was a poor choice, Hague a poor choice , IDS was unfathomable..Michael Howard an unbelievable one.
Yet NLab decided to offer up the least charismatic, least telegenic, oddest, creepy,unflattering example of a leader they could find.

the actor, not the stage director, goes on centre stage.
Much to Harriet's annoyance the ladies at the reception desk perform a dual function.
One of which is presentation.

TB could charm the country with ease, like a soap star doing a shampoo commercial, and whenever he needed he could bring on GB and say "here's the science bit."

GB IS the science bit, and the reason advertisers don't do a whole advert of it is, its dull.

Budgie said...

Christmas forgotten, we are well into 2009. ZaNu Labour has only just over a year to go. Not just McDoom's authority but the whole of ZaNu Lab's self importance is dwindling. You can feel it.

All the civil servants are looking at their potential new boss. Contractors will be wary of new ZaNu schemes because they may get cancelled when the new government rolls in. It's downhill all the way for McDoom, though ZaNu could still revive itself by dumping him.