Friday, 23 January 2009

End looms for Brown

Evan Davis tried his hardest this morning to get Brown to admit that we've gone from boom to bust. Time after time Brown fell back to robotic chanting "global ... international ... unprecedented growth". There can hardly be a single voter in the UK who believes that the boom was Gordon's and the bust is everyone else's fault, but it's the only mantra he has and he repeats it with the tenacity of a terrier with a rat.

We're shaking the last drips out of the bucket. Another half a percent off interest rates, another fifty billion thrown into the black hole and that's it. The Bank has started 'quantitative easing' already. My personal credit rating is higher than that of my bank. The country's credit rating is being downgraded. The markets have lost confidence in Brown, G8 leaders have lost confidence in Brown and the latest polls show the British public is not very far behind in losing all confidence in Brown. An IMF team have got their bags packed and senior Treasury officials will no doubt have already been making arrangements - utterly discreet and secret arrangements - to accommodate them.

The words 'Gordon Brown's recession' casually repeated in Tory soundbites have taken anchor in the public's mind. They won't be shifted. There's no bounce to come, not even the remotest, slightest, million-to-one chance of a bounce. He's finished. You could hear it on the radio this morning; the voice sounded the same, the robotic mantra was the same but something was gone, something was missing. In the same way as authority deserted Speaker Martin, leaving the squeaky husk of a man in brocade robes, Brown's authority is fading fast. It's palpable.

The nation now needs someone it can get behind. Brown had hoped that Obama's inauguration would strengthen his position; in reality it's had quite the reverse effect. We've all realised just how motivating a change of leader can be. Bush's departure has highlighted the desirability of Brown's.

The end is looming for Gordon Brown; not obscurity, but the obloquy of history, his reputation in tatters, the nation's worst ever Prime Minister.

Now get him out of my sight.


Dungeekin said...

Brown has no honour, no dignity - even Chamberlain had more.

His refusal to accept even the slightest liability for the dire state of this nation makes me sick.

After that sickening interview, I felt moved actually to write to the Prime Minister to vent my feelings.

He has to go - he'll utterly destroy this country before admitting error.


JPT said...

Bye bye Gordon - and hello who.....?

Anonymous said...

JPT - Call-me-Dave, acting as glove puppet for Kenneth Clarke.

Into the euro within six months.

The final betrayal looms - the traitor Clarke will go down in history as a worthy successor to the traitor Heath.

A pox on the lot of them.

Blue Eyes said...

Jeez have you lot above not been listening to Cam? He says fiscally conservative, personal responsibility, smaller state, localism, school vouchers. Sounds quite good to me!

Will Labour MPs find the backbone to oust Brown this time around?

Jackart said...

One year 138 days, 11 hours, 38 minutes until Gordon Brown's concession.

I reckon he hasn't the guts or decency to go to the country sooner.

Words cannot describe how I hate him.