Friday, 16 January 2009

The filth at the heart of our democracy (2)

So Jack Straw is to introduce a special bill next week to exempt MPs from the Freedom of Information Act, is he? I can only repeat what I wrote when the scum passed Maclean's filthy little bill:-

Yesterday members of parliament confirmed why their self-given appellation of 'honourable' is a risible kick in the shin to anyone outside Parliament. Their reputation today has fallen lower than the foetid scum in the sewers beneath our feet. If I hear a single word out of a single one of these rank little turds today it will be a word too many.

They complain that the media fails to uphold respect for them, fails to uphold their dignity. Ah yes, like the dignity they displayed after awarding themselves another ten grand recently - when they stuffed their pockets and handbags with tens of thousands of pounds worth of free stamped envelopes in advance of restrictions limiting them to just six grand's worth a year. And then tried to block the facts of their gluttonous looting from the public.

That only 60% of the electorate turns out to vote for them they ascribe to 'apathy' or to problems with the voting system. Let me make it very clear for them; the reason sixteen million citizens don't vote is that they don't like you. They don't like your pompous posturing, your public virtue and private vice, your personal greed, your abuse of the position with which they have entrusted you, your smug piety, your casual mendacity or your elevation of Party and your avarice for office above the interests of your constituencies.

No amount of inane and destructive voting gimmicks will regain the democratic attachment of these lost sixteen millions; they will not be seduced by postal or internet voting, or polling booths in Tesco. They don't vote because they are angry, disenchanted and alienated by your contemptible behaviour.

Since 1979 we have seen millions of members of your parties walking away. Only 1.4% of the electorate are members of the three main parties today. Yet since 1979 you have dipped ever deeper in the public purse for your pay, pensions and allowances; you have distorted the democratic safeguard that was intended to recompense an ordinary man or woman for giving up their trade or profession whilst in Parliament to a system that strengthens incumbency.

My contempt for your utterly ignominious, loathsome, sordid and wretched passing of Maclean's bill is beyond words.

But soon, my most dishonourable friends, that Augean stable of yours will need cleaning.


Magna Carter said...

sadly, all the 'cleaners' are too occupied in tasks that keep this insiduous government off their backs to find time or energy to 'repair' rather than 'clean' the house.

Some time, maybe not soon, but sometime, the house will fall down around their ears through lack of repair...

Old Holborn said...

Fantastic post.