Friday, 23 January 2009

For God's sake, don't let Miliband major abroad again

That curious head that should belong in a museum of anthropology, a head that is just wrong in proportion, although having the usual complement of eyes, ears and the like, that looks always as though it was sculpted out of plasticine by someone with a manual of anatomy but no artistic talent, has been at it again.

Perhaps it's the weird shape that causes puerile and jejune thoughts to form, gather mass and emerge from the curiously twisted mouth of this 44 year-old man with a 12 year-old's brain. In any case, I'd have severe reservations about letting him out alone on the High Street without his carer, let alone allowing him abroad. The risk of those juvenile pensees leaking out is just too great.

But no. We've let Miliband major go to India, where he's managed to insult over a billion people, some 17% of the world's population, in one go.

Perhaps the sight of so much human fecundity in India shocked his intellectual capacity back to the second form and led to him mouthing such excruciating howlers at his hosts.

Whatever the reasons, we must never allow Miliband major abroad again.
[Edited 10.24]


crackers said...

His shame is our shame.

As a measure of the decline in the quality of Britain's politicians, scan a list of recent FO appointments.

Bring back Lord Carrington.

John Page said...

Shame on you, your case stood up easily without that intrusive personal comment at the end, which you should remove.

Raedwald said...

@ John Page
Yes, in hindsight I agree.
Duly removed.

William Gruff said...

Raedwald you could have been describing Widmerpool's coat.

former tory said...

This seems to have been added to the list of stories that the Provisional Wing of the Labour Party seems not to be reporting.

Elby the Beserk said...

On the contrary DO - Meddlesome has been out there for days trying to clean up the mess. Look how Brown has tanked since Meddlesome has not been behind the curtain pulling the strings.

MORE Miliband abroad, say I!

"The Adventures of Boy Miliband Amongst The Fuzzy-Wuzzy"

(Std disclaimer - No offence intended).