Friday, 30 January 2009

From tears to rages?

The Press Association reports:
There were suggestions that the Prime Minister spent most of the day meeting individual MPs and pleading with them not to vote against the Government, with some sources describing him as "emotional and at times tearful". A No 10 spokesman dismissed the suggestion Mr Brown had been tearful as "nonsense".
Meanwhile the Mail reported:

One Labour MP told the Evening Standard he "recently got through three mobile phones in one week by hurling against the wall in anger". The Mail's political commentator Peter Oborne told the paper Mr Brown has somewhat of a "reputation for hurling stuff about the place". Mr Oborne, writing in the Spectator magazine, also revealed the Prime Minister's short fuse with secretaries; "He is said to shout at them abusively. He is reported to have impatiently turfed one of the girls out of her chair and sat down to use the keyboard himself." In another fit of temper, reported by the Mail on Sunday, Mr Brown was said to have upset his driver by picking up his phone and hurling it across the car.

Tears and rages? It sounds like what parents of young children term 'the terrible twos'. Not being a psychiatrist, I'd hesitate to use the term infantilism.


JuliaM said...

"He is reported to have impatiently turfed one of the girls out of her chair..."

Sexist bullying.

"upset his driver by picking up his phone and hurling it across the car"

H&S breach.

Why isn't he in jail already...?

John Page said...

Hm. Isn't that story about turfing a secretary away from her keyboard about a year old?

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't infantilism per se. It's deeper (in all senses of the word) than that. His problem is autism.

Broon cannot interact with real world and has near zero social skills. He has created in his own head a very clear fantasy-vision of the world and of his place in it. He's frustrated by his own inability to make the real world and the fantasy world dovetail. He's frustrated because, in his own mind, he has clear ideas about what should be done and how we, the public, should react to his initiatives and speeches - but we never react in the way that he wants us to react and he, being autistic, cannot understand why. He cannot understand us. This lack of understanding breeds frustration which, naturally enough, finds expression in rage.

Matters are not helped by Broon's colleagues and subordinates who feed his fantasies and reinforce his unrealistic expectations by telling him what he wants to hear. It becomes a vicious cycle - Broon becomes enraged because reality and fantasy don't gel but his followers, who are afraid of his rage, keep telling him that fantasy and reality are the same thing which, in turns, makes him more frustrated when fantasy and reality won't gel and so on ad infinitum.

A weak mind and second-rate intellect surrounded by a coterie of self-serving enablers: that's Broon and the Labour Cabinet. And it's Hitler in the Fuehrerbunker in 1945.

I've seen Oprah so I know all about this shit.

Nick Drew said...

anon, there is a bit of a history on the Brown autism diagnosis

in the words of the song (verse 3)

Abusing staff and hurling phones
A coward to your very bones
You’ve ****ed the job that meant oh, so much to you
You’ve ****ed your Party, ****ed us all
We’re having you against the wall
Ready, aim, fire ! and then the Hallelujah !

Hallelujah, Hallelujah …

JPT said...

I'm not sure of any fancy diagnoses but to my mind he's definately a bit wacko.