Monday, 26 January 2009

The good news about the bent peers

Look at the background of the four bent lords:
  • ex-Labour councillor
  • ex-Labour MEP
  • ex-Labour MP
  • ex-Labour MP
Leopards don't change their spots when they start wearing ermine, if you'll excuse the clumsy metaphor.

For those that see this as an excuse to abolish the House of Lords, remember that this is an equally good argument for un-reforming the Lords, booting out all the ex-politicians and leaving the place to the more honourable hereditary peers.


TheFatBigot said...

This story isn't being given the airing it should by such as the BBC. So institutionalised has become the pro-Labour bias (perhaps more accurately the anti-Conservative bias) that they cannot bring themselves to press an issue that would do great damage to their chosen party.

I'm not for reforming the House of Lords until such time as someone can suggest a better form of revising chamber.

In the meantime, those who abuse their positions must be exposed and made to account under the law. It won't happen, of course, corrupt politicians are only prosecuted if they are Conservatives.

hatfield girl said...

A client state is built on permitting clients to sell off bits of state power temporarily under government control for the client's advantage in return for using any state power under the client's control in favour of the government when required to do so.

All non-clients who ceded control over the power in the first place by election (in a democracy) are uninvolved in this exchange, except they pay for it. It's surprising how tight a lid is kept on these exchanges considering they permeate the whole country.

mutleythedog said...

I have been saving up to buy a Peer... does anyone know how much they cost?

Henry North London said...

Chinless Lady Royall, onetime close friend of Lord Kinnock, has somehow made it to Leader of the House. Her eyes were open but there was no obvious sign of intelligent life. ( quentin letts in the mail)

Make that one more Spotted leopard

crackers said...

Mutley I suggest that the capex would be too much for you. Lord Taylor you can have in annual instalments of £120k. Taylor's stock is at a premium because he has been on the make at BAE for 17 years.

Lord Gusset is more affordable - a mere £30k pa.


All Peers should be hereditary. Bring them all back to do the job intended. FatBigot is correct - it is a Revising Chamber, and should use the expertise of the landed Aristocracy to "Revise" any legislation that is against the wishes of the rightful and natural leaders of the country. A committee should then be set up to monitor the moral, democratic, and financial standards of the members. The suggested initial committee should include, for example, Lord Archer, Jonathon
Aitken, a few Banking Executives of the highest order, the Hamiltons, and a "wheeler-dealer of repute, say someone of the standing of Mark Thatcher. Obviously the whole group should be chaired by David Camera-on, with young William Hague representing the interests of ordinary people. Oh, nearly forgot, a couple of Hunt supporting members of the Countryside Alliance to complete the return to democracy we all crave.

I live in Switzerland, and the mess Brown and the New Labour mob have caused is now so bad there is a danger that minimum wage gits may start to work things out - they may even start calling for us Offshores to start paying ruddy tax !

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