Thursday, 15 January 2009

The lie that slips so easily from Malloch-Brown's lips

In a Lords debate on Tuesday, Lord Stoddart of Swindon asked the minister:
My Lords, can the noble Lord explain why those who prate on about democracy and the will of the people will never accept no as an answer when it suits them? Do the Government understand that the French and the Dutch rejected the constitution and then the Irish rejected the Lisbon treaty? Is that not "No" enough for the Government, or are they prepared to accept the will of the people?
To which Malloch-Brown replied:
My Lords, the constitution that was rejected by the Dutch and the French led to very big changes, which led to a treaty that was no longer a constitution. With 24 countries having approved the treaty, I am not sure whether the voters of Ireland should have a right of veto over the aspirations of all the other people of Europe. I am not sure whether that is or is not democracy.
Over the aspirations of all the other people of Europe? Malloch Brown is not mad or stupid. He knows as well as anyone that the majority of the people of Europe are opposed to the Constitution Treaty. Yet he stands on his hind legs and declares exactly the opposite. He lied.

I simply cannot understand why otherwise sane and intelligent people slip so easily into lies and self-delusion over Europe. That they are prepared to trample the democratic will of the people underfoot in order to realise their insane vision of a federal Europe makes them every bit as fanatical and dangerous as al-qaeda.

And if they're prepared to ignore the democratic will on this, what else are they prepared to do?

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idle said...

It was the same with Peter Sutherland of BP and Goldman Sachs this morning on the radio, talking about the Euro.

He presumably kept a straight face when he told us that Sterling's 25% devaluation "had cost jobs", when the opposite is true.

Needless to say, the ignorant Sarah Montague was unable to question his assertions.