Tuesday, 20 January 2009

More schadenfreude ...

Conrad Black will have to wait anxiously until 5pm London time today to learn whether President Bush will sign a Presidential Pardon as one of his last acts in office. His lobbying of the President over the past few months has been truly desperate.

However, Bush has a slightly cruel humorous streak; from 'Yo, Blair' which put the grinning ninny in his place to the tight turn at speed in his golf buggy that almost flung the stiff and pompous Gordon Brown out, he's demonstrated this malicious streak.

I'll bet he has deliberately refrained from deflating Black's hopes so far. I'll bet an aide will have been instructed to call Black's lawyers at 4.30 London time to let them know .... that he won't be granting a pardon.

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Anonymous said...

Mmm, from Wikipedia:

" The final acts of clemency of Bush's presidency were announced on his last full day of office, January 19, 2009. Black's name was not included in the list of commuted sentences."