Saturday, 24 January 2009

My apologies to Daniel Kawzcynski

On Thursday I blogged about the obtaining by police of a letter from Daniel Kawzcynski's office. Although the facts are right - he did hand it over voluntarily, then regretted doing so - he's less of a prat than I thought him to be.

Iain Dale publishes a copy of a letter from Mr Kawzcynski to the speaker, and a pointer to Michael Crick's Newsnight blog which carries the full story.

The new Speaker, and the Lord Speaker, might now wish to give consideration to a Parliamentary security force to replace the current police based there, who have just proven themselves grossly incapable of acting in Parliament's interests rather than the Home Secretary's.

Perhaps based on the MOD Police or Civil Nuclear Constabulary, reporting only to the Speaker and Lord Speaker (or the Serjeant at Arms and Black Rod), and armed as necessary, with powers only within the Parliamentary Estate, such a force would go some way towards safeguarding our interests.

I hardly need add that the privileges we've won for MPs are our privileges and designed to prevent abuse of power by the Executive against our interests. Clearly, this isn't working and needs reform.

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Dungeekin said...

Last time Plod stuck his nose into Parliament, the Speaker messed up - according to Iain Dale, there are questions here as well.

So I'm resurrecting a spot of Gilbert & Sullivan I produced back in December - "Mister Speaker's Lot Is Not A Happy One".