Saturday, 17 January 2009

A pedant writes ...

The Mail is quite wrong in referring to FM Lord Bramall as a 'retired general'. At the age of 86 he continues to be a serving officer. Along with 74 year old FM Lord Inge.

Field marshals are unique in remaining on the active list for life. It's one of the delightful minor quirks that continues to elude Labour's ruthless destruction of all such national idiosyncrasies.

And Ld Bramall at 83 still had the sense to deck the repulsive Greville Janner in 2006.


William Gruff said...

I thought the rank of Field Marshal had been abolished. That notwithstanding, anyone who has taken advantge of an opportunity to knock to the floor an ennobled homosexual paedophile (one who was notorious at Westminster for being such when a humble MP), at such an age deserves the respect of all men.

A good friend of my father's is still, at 84, not retired from the Royal Navy, which reminds me of a true story: Upon the outbreak of war in September 1939, a group of 'retired' senior naval officers 're-mobilised' themselves and found a suitable motor yacht in which they could patrol the Straits of Dover. They made a thorough nuisance of themselves at various ports and dockyards demanding fuel and weapons but inspired respect wherever they went until one day in 1940 they hit a mine.

We tend to write off old duffers but they tend to sit out their 'retirements', biding their time, until presented with an opportunity to show that they aren't to be written off so easily.

Good on the man.

Raedwald said...

Ld Inge was the last FM created - an army of fewer than 100,000 can't reasonably justify a 5 star commander.

For those unaware of Janner's repulsive proclivities, try googling "Paul Winston" +"Greville Janner"