Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What business is this of government?

The way in which I light my home is entirely a matter for my own choice; candles, Tilley lamps or incandescent lamps. This is no business of government.

Thankfully the free market remains more powerful than either the EU or the Labour government, who have implemented this absurd ban. I may, in time, need to convert my ceiling fittings to Edison screw rather than bayonet cap to continue to use 150w and 100w GLS lamps, but this is an inconsequential price to pay to dismiss this impertinent interference.


Umbongo said...

Worse than - or, any rate, as bad as - the Labour (and Greenies of all parties) busybodies are the craven major retailers and others who dutifully refuse to supply what the public obviously (and - for the present - legally) wants. For instance, CostCo - a major national cash-and-carry outfit - hasn't been carrying incandescent lightbulbs (well not at their Watford outlet anyway) for, at least, the past 12 months. Contrast this with their US outlets which merrily sell the US Edison-screw in incandescent bulbs to all and sundry.

Elby the Beserk said...

So, you can't save energy by using a dimmer switch with the new bulbs, and you can't dispose of them easily, as they contain Mercury.

You know it makes sense...