Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bent Mandarins must face trial

Public servants are in a position of special trust and owe a duty of stewardship over public funds that far exceeds the responsibility of the senior executive of a plc over shareholders' funds. It is absolutely necessary that public servants who are given custody over public funds are not only removed from any improper influence, but that they are seen to be removed from any improper influence.

The Telegraph's exposure of scores of Mandarins swilling in the troughs of the nation's richest companies is not only a matter of disgrace, it is a matter that merits the Attorney General's consideration for prosecution.

The Prevention of Corruption Act 1906 as amended by the Prevention of Corruption Act 1916 remains on the nation's Statute Book. The legislation contains a presumption of corruption;
2. Where in any proceedings against a person for an offence under the Prevention of Corruption Act 1906, or the Public Bodies Corrupt Practices Act 1889, it is proved that any money, gift, or other consideration has been paid or given to or received by a person in the employment of His Majesty or any Government Department or a public body by or from a person, or agent of a person, holding or seeking to obtain a contract from His Majesty or any Government Department or public body, the money, gift, or consideration shall be deemed to have been paid or given and received corruptly as such inducement or reward as is mentioned in such Act unless the contrary is proved.
If any of the great public companies that poured swill under the snouts of these mandarins hold a contract with government (and it's a fair bet that all do) then Brian Bender and his chums should face up to seven years in jail.

Prosecutions under the Act need the personal approval of the Attorney General. So, Baroness Scotland, over to you.

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