Sunday, 8 February 2009

Clearing up after ASBO

When a colleague came back after work one evening last week to pick up some contract valuations, I apologised lamely for the crumpled toilet-mat on the hall floor. So far today, it's remained upstairs, on the landing outside my study. Together with a carrier bag he's brought from the kitchen.

The toilet mat, plastic carrier bags and an old wooden curtain ring are now ASBO's toys of choice; the toilet mat to be dragged from the pedestal to a convenient place to be rolled in and fight with, the plastic carrier to wear (if he gets his head through a handle he can gallop from one end of the place to the other making, as far as he's concerned, the most satisfying noise) and the curtain ring is dropped down the stairs, pursued, retrieved, brought to the top again and re-dropped.

Yes, he's got expensive shop-bought cat toys which he disdains. He's got the whole garden, which amuses him for a while. But best of all he's got a toilet mat and a curtain ring. Sigh.


Dungeekin said...

I feel your pain, Brother.

Beetle is the latest arrival at Dungeekin Towers. He's an 11-week-old black Labrador.

The Darling G has spent the National Debt on chew toys, cuddly things, Kongs and all manner of other things. His favourite toys?

Empty plastic milk bottles.


Anonymous said...

It's a perennial irony of cat ownership that you can spend huge amounts of money on catnip-soaked toys with all the feathers and bells of the world.....and your is only interested in the carrier bag they came home in.

It's a rare cat (and usually a Siamese) who actually prefers cat toys over rolled-up pieces of silver paper.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

My cat likes to 'play' by waiting until I'm asleep then carefully jabbing any exposed part with the tip of a claw-enough to wake one up with a howl, but never to mark. Compared to that little sadist I think ASBO sounds an angel!
Bendy Girl

JuliaM said...

"Yes, he's got expensive shop-bought cat toys which he disdains."

Heh! That's cats for you...

JuliaM said...

"It's a rare cat (and usually a Siamese) who actually prefers cat toys over rolled-up pieces of silver paper."

Nope, both mine prefer the screwed up ball of paper, champagne cork or anything they think they shouldn't be playing with.

Interesting, we've had lots of cats over the years, but not one that liked catnip. Must be some sort of record...