Friday, 20 February 2009

Duwayne, well done and welcome

I don't really care that Duwayne Brooks stood for the Lib Dems. I don't really care that he's had his share of encounters with the criminal justice system. And that he managed to escape being stabbed to death by racists the night he stepped off a bus with Stephen Lawrence is really secondary.

He won his Councillor's seat on Lewisham Council last night, and that's good news. Duwayne knows very well what life is like for a young Afro-Caribbean man on south London's streets and estates. And what's more important, hundreds of young black men in his ward will now finally feel they have a voice that speaks for them.

Harriet Harman and Polly Toynbee and all their putrescent and privileged ilk may delude themselves they are 'down with the niggaz' or whatever but a bloke with an Oyster Card that lives on the estate and buys his tinnies from the local Costcutter and knows what the inside of a police cell looks like will have more representative credibility in his flaccid foreskin than Harman and Toynbee have in their entire moisturised middle-aged cellulite hulks of bodies.

Well done, Duwayne, and welcome to Lewisham Council.


Anonymous said...

And I'm sure all the middle-aged left-wing feminist know-it-alls are absolutely horrified at the thought of a darkie daring to think he knows what's best for himself and his community.

After all, it's an article of socialist faith that the leftist intelligentsia (who, by happy coincidence, are mostly white and middle-aged and disproportionately female) know what's good for the untermenschen, be they proles or ethnics.

Anonymous said...

You may be happy that this proven liar has been so elected. He lied throughout the whole Lawrence investigation and many blame the failed prosection on his failure as a witness on the ID parades. He really did let his friend down.

You may also remember he was charged with rape too - didn't go anywhere due to the witness being intimidated, plus loads of of other activities he got up to whilst being subsudised by the Met (i.e. taxpayers) - April Fool's comes early.

Anonymous said...

Is lewisham still in England?