Sunday, 15 February 2009

A few more electoral stats ...

Again provisional and need checking, but as follows:
  • UK population over 18 years - 48m 1
  • Registered to vote in General Elections - 45m 2
  • Number likely not to vote in next GE - 17.5m 3
  • Estimated errors on electoral register - >7m 4
  • Registered electors who are NOT members of any of the three main parties - 98.96% 5

1. ONS 2007 mid year estimate
2. ONS figure for 1/12/2007
3. Based on 2005 turnout of 61.28%
4. From Michael Pinto-Duschinsky's evidence to Commons select committee; over 3.5m on register who shouldn't be and over 3.5m not on register who should be
5. From membership estimates of 170k Labour, 230k Conservative and 70k LibDem

1 comment:

Blue Eyes said...

Mmm - or should it be Hmm?!

Methinks it is time to delete the electoral roll and start again, making sure everyone *proves* their entitlement to vote. How one would do that I am not sure.