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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Humphrys and compulsory community service

At 7.40 on today's edition -

R4 Today guest: "Most young Moslem men go to the mosque five times a day to pray ..."
Humphrys: "How on earth do they manage to hold down a job?"

That a majority of 18-30 year olds are in favour of a year of compulsory community service for all under-25s may not be as misguided as it at first appears. Religious zeal in young men of whatever creed is worrying. Mormons and Moslems both could well thank us in the long run for the experience of compulsory daily attendance at a workplace that keeps them out of the mosques or the churches.


Sue said...

I doubt it. They'll just get a special room and dispensation to disappear 5 times a day.

JuliaM said...

"Religious zeal in young men of whatever creed is worrying."

Yes, those train bombings, suicide attacks and beheadings carried out by the Mormons, Scientologists and Jehovah's Witneses are a real threat to society....

Raedwald said...

I'm all for Christian faith, Julia - it's zeal I think is misplaced. Healthy young men should be directing their energies at girls, not God.

But yes, I take your point. I included Mormons in the interests of balance and because it is vaguely alliterative.

Anonymous said...

How do they hold down a job?

What on earth makes him think that they have jobs?

Chris said...

I used to work at a technical call centre until I got Bangalored (best thing that ever happened to me).

I used to do a bit of overtime on Sundays, as did others. There was never any management about.

The devoutness of my muslim colleagues was a sight to behold - they'd spend a good hour in the prayer room - all on double time of course.

Silly me, thinking Friday was their sabbath.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that Mormons are wonderful people should probably pay more attention to court cases in Arizona and Utah.

Anyone who believes that Scientologists are anything but a danger to themselves and others is....well, frankly, probably in bed with Xenu.