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Thursday, 26 February 2009

I'll tell YOU about fairness, Gordon

Fairness is not a political value - it is a British virtue. Fairness means taking your turn in the queue, it means (to borrow the Australian phrase) a 'fair go' for everyone, with no barriers to any citizen. Fairness is based on common-sense morality; it means not taking advantage by foul means. Fairness in WWII gave every person in Britain, including the King, the same ration card. When there's hard work to do, it's 'fair' that everyone lays their hand to the capstan.

So how fair is it that an increasingly corrupt political class can steal, cheat, dodge, obfuscate and fill their fists with public cash with no sanction whatsoever? Like a protected criminal species, immune from prosecution, their avarice a stench in the public's nostrils and a gag in our throats.

So how fair is it that you are using the whole panoply of State propaganda to hide your regime's culpability for Britain's Bust? You, who told the FSA to apply a 'light touch' and not to ask awkward questions; you, who encouraged the nation to live beyond its means, you who engineered an unsustainable bubble boom for your narrow political ends. Wouldn't it be fair for you to hang your head in shame, even at this stage?

And how fair is it that you use the power of the State to protect and shield the 2003 War Criminals whilst mouthing trite platitudes about upholding the virtues of right and justice? If you had a microgram of right or justice flowing in your frozen veins you would sanction a full and comprehensive independent investigation with the power to recommend criminal charges.

How fair is it that whilst you piss billions away in lunatic social engineering experiments that our fighting forces are dying for want of adequate vehicles and equipment, men and women whose courage is a quality with which you are wholly unacquainted?

And how fair is it that you continue to deny the country the referendum on Europe that you promised, a referendum that an overwhelming majority of us are hungry to have? How fair is your mendacity, your corruption, your spin and your denial of the will of the British people?

Is it fair that even at this stage you're pouring further billions into an ID card scheme that we don't want, won't co-operate with and which will be abolished just as soon as you and your criminal cabal are despatched in tumbrels? Or an NHS records scheme that's on its knees? Or further lunatic proposals for yet more Leviathan State IT projects?

And is it fair that when you've directed just £12bn in pointless VAT cuts at those 'hard working families' that you actually despise and have spent a decade trying to destroy that £500bn goes to your buddies in the banks, the Scottish Raj, with that chiselling little crook Goodwin drawing a £650k a year 'pension' underwritten by us?

Fairness, Gordon? Don't make me laugh. You don't know the meaning of the word.


Sue said...

Woke up angry Mr Raedwald?

It's not like you to swear!

I'm in despair, I think I'm past the angry stage but I have the flu, so it may yet return anon.

Savonarola said...

Lord Turner was given an easy ride.

He managed to deflect questions from the specific to the general. He threw that idiot placeman poodle McFall the odd crumb. McFall's ploy is to talk tough but actually never to aim and fire his gun.

Just a pity Redwood is not on that committee. But then you only get appointed if you are clubbable.

Newmania said...

R you are on faantastic form the mis -use of the word fair has been driving me up the wall for the last year or two

Brilliant post , quite superb

Anonymous said...

Great post.

But we need to be a bit careful about Fred the Shred and his pension.

He worked (then) for a private enterprise that had shareholders to hold it - and him - to account.

His pension terms were set out in his contract, which has the force of law. Whatever he has now got, is what he agreed, and his shareholders agreed, was his rightful contractual due. If the shareholders weren't doing they job, well that is their affair and certainly they have been well punished for it.

We cannot go around retrospectively changing agreements, if subsequent events turn out differently than we hoped.

That way lies madness, lawlessness, injustices of every imaginable kind.

Once such precedent exists, we all know, particularly with this government of crooks, how far and wide it will spread. Nothing and nobody's property and promises will safe.

Hold your nose and honour the contract, it's the only way.

Anonymous said...

Great post Raedwald. Sums up how I feel only more eloquently.

I'm going to be cheekey and re-post over at mine, with full accreditation of course.

Budgie said...

A fair post, Raedwald.

Raedwald said...

Sue - Yes, I was a cross little bunny first thing this morning. Saw Brown's ghastly preening mug on a paper site and it just raised the old bile.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Great post Raedwald but this is what I call unfair
"Spare a thought for Russian Ex-Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky gaoled by Vladimir Putin for doing what everyone else was doing but also attempting to interupt Mr Putins grasp on political power.
Mr Khodorkovsky can now be considered for parole but is also awaiting further trial on a new set of allegations that might land him in gaol for another 20 years.
The stated reason for refusing parole for the man once reputed to be the richest in Russia ?
"he failed to show sufficient dedication in his remote penal colony during sewing classes"

Which is the result of retrospectivly changing the rules as pointed out above, anon 10:03