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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Is the Guardian preparing to ditch Brown?

Following Brown's recent savaging by its readers, could the Guardian be about to reposition itself?

Mike Smithson on PB comments on the Grauniad's front page splash on Brown's poor poll showing:
So what are we to make of the Guardian’s splash this morning - leading on the numbers that are most damaging to Brown’s leadership? Is the paper trying to influence opinion within the party in the hope, maybe, of getting change at the top? It certainly appears that way.
Or perhaps a case of the ship leaving the sinking rat.


Earthlet Nigel said...

McBroon like Hitler before him will never let go of the helm. The man who would be king is delusional about his ability. As the GE gets closer, and he suffers more internal attacks just wait for his cries of treachery.

He really needs sectioning, failing that slotting will suffice and appeal to far more

Trevor said...

Is the Gurniad going to ditch Harpic?

Well, everyone else is, so why not.

Even the grunaid has to draw the line somewhere