Tuesday, 3 February 2009

John, let me explain 'emotional intelligence'

Prescott launches himself at Jon Cruddas on his 'Go Fourth' blog - which I'm still not convinced isn't a brilliant parody - and in particular at his assertion that Gordon lacks 'emotional intelligence'.
Anyway Jon, I see you’ve requested to become my friend on Facebook (2,416 and rising.) Welcome on board. So perhaps you could now tell me what you mean by 'emotional intelligence?' If as you say Cameron has got it, I’m damn sure we don’t need it.
John, 'emotional intelligence' is what usually prevents a 65 year-old man from taking sexual advantage of a young and vulnerable employee awed by her employer's status. 'Emotional intelligence' is what tells us it will all end in tears and Chipolata jibes.



JuliaM said...

Ouch! ;)

Anonymous said...

Brown's emotional intelligence in action: