Friday, 6 February 2009

Latest book buy

It will no doubt put my spleen into overdrive, but I've just pre-ordered 'The Rotten State' by the Adam Smith Institute's head, Dr Eamonn Butler. The book chronicles 12 years of remorseless failure and waste under Labour. Published on the 26th, you can pre-order it HERE for a very reasonable £7.99.


Steve McIntosh said...

If you want to see more about the rotten state of Britain check this video out - its brilliant:


Is that the same Adam Smith Institute that champions free de-regulated markets, banks, etc. ?

I'm concerned for you, Raedwald. You seem a nice enough boy, but are obviously suffering from "TORY TOSSER" syndrome. There are only 2known cures for this. One is for you to suddenly get to grips with what is the real David Camera-on, and the other is to allow yourself to be educated by The Arguist blog.
There is a third way, but it relies so much on luck that it must be discounted, but that doesn't mean that your correspondent can't hope for it - an upturned bucket of "keek" to land directly on your head. The last "k" of the spelling is pronounced "ch" as in (the Scottish) "loch". To provide you with the service you gave a previous correspondent, it is the "sheist" or "magumba" (as in "I'm up to my neck in the magumba")which can be delivered by any living animal, our species included. I do hope that you are unlucky enough to encounter a sample, and if so, my only additional wish would be that at the point of contact, it is still decidedly warm and wet.

Which other home are you off to this weekend ?

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