Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Let's hope the Stallion of the South is, er, a Stallion

When Epstein carved Oscar Wilde's tomb in Pere Lachaise with the figure of an angel the French were outraged. The angel had been fully endowed with the attributes of a male angel. The city authorities covered it with a tarpaulin and posted gendarmes to guard it. Someone came up with the idea of affixing a bronze figleaf. A very large bronze figleaf. Soon this too had been removed. Finally, it took the efforts of hammer and chisel to reduce the angel to something the Parisians considered proper.

And it's not only the French. Look back at older renditions of the lion and unicorn that support the arms of the realm. They are both quite unashamedly and very obviously male, and of a proportion unknown to nature. With the loss of national virility, the heraldic limners were tasked with reducing the proportions towards something to which not even Harriet Harman would object.

And I'm astonished that the Cerne Abbas giant has been permitted to retain his, er, club in these microphallic times.

But if we're to have a 50m stallion standing proudly atop the Downs, let's be adult about this and ensure that even train passengers passing at 90mph know damn well it's a stallion and not a mare.


Guthrum said...

Lets hope they sort those pylons out as well

Anonymous said...

Wishful thinking, it will be a metrosexual stallion. It may have a cock, but will definitley have no balls.

Anonymous said...

@Henry Crun

The perfect symbol for our current ZanuLabour regime.