Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Let's not let Zim be another Biafra

Before long, pictures of starving stick-legged and pot-bellied Zim kids will start hitting our screens. The Cholera epidemic, the breakdown of all infrastructure, the food crisis will put millions of innocent Zimbabweans through a hell of want.

We must help them by doing nothing. Aid, food, water treatment equipment or money will simply be stolen by Mugabe's regime for his supporters; the crisis will be prolonged, the suffering will continue. We learned this lesson in Biafra. The lives of tens of thousands of Biafrans could have been saved if the West hadn't poured aid into Ojukwu's failed breakaway state.

No punishment can be painful enough for Mugabe and his hideous witch-wife Grace. Mussolini and Clara Petacci's end, hanging upside down together, is a fitting end for Africa's evil genius and this ghastly woman. But let's ensure that end comes as quickly as possible - by witholding aid.


Chalcedon said...

They have just bought a bolt hole in Hong Kong. I wonder where he gets his money? Oh yes, the Chinese. Chromium is such a strategic metal isn't it?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Oxfam and the rest will make the decision for us.